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We at theHumanAscent.com want to spotlight a popular article once in a while.  Currently we are focusing on The Case Against Blue M&Ms

It has been scientifically proven that humans instinctively find certain colors more appetizing ... warm spectrum colors such as red, yellow, and orange encourage appetite and appeal to the senses.  Chocolate is brown, which is a warm, earth color. Chocolate should never be colored blue.

...The color blue promotes sadness.  This idea is communicated in popular expressions like “a case of the blues.”  Blues music evolved from downcast slave chants.  The term blue collar brings to mind an indigent, ignorant worker.  Blue is a downer.

...The decision to choose a new color of M&M should never have been decided by a popular vote ...  Blue, a third party candidate, had a reputation among insiders as a womanizer and a drunk ... Blue’s legacy has been riddled with controversy.  The Better Business Bureau filed suit against blue for false advertising, claiming that blue M&Ms do melt in your hands.  The BBB demanded in the lawsuit that the classic slogan be changed to “tastes good in your mouth, won’t melt in a freezer.”  Further scandal erupted last year when it was revealed that Blue had a tryst with an underage nougat.


Also see our review of Michael Bay's Transformers 2:  Revenge of the Fallen L

"It’s amazing that it took a giant CG machine from another galaxy to realize my own humanity."

"...in the end it was me that was transformed."

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