Activism and Personal Growth are essential to the progress of the human.  Below are different articles that can help you achieve these.

Why me?

Green Technology

Living green doesn’t mean you have to build your house out of worn tires and have a roof of solar panels.  There are many things suburbanites can do with very little inconvenience or cost to themselves and their families that would reap huge benefits for the environment. 

Facts Everyone Should Know

Living in the 21st Century has many challenges.  Chief among them is the explosion of data made available by the internet.  While much information is interesting, fun, or good to know, what information is truly necessary?

Try these

Social Norm Experiments

Within each society, certain rules of of behavior are expected to be obeyed by all individuals.  We have gathered some fun experiments you, your family, and friends can try to test these social expectations:

Toe Language

Studies have found that the greatest influencer on the nature of the communique was the inter-digits of the foot.  A person’s toes can effectively convey many emotions: happiness, anger, sorrow, tension, and even attraction.

You need a head of lettuce

Universal Health Care Critique

Our analysis of the so-called "Universal Health Care" phenomenon.

Nigerian Scammer Back and Forth

My mother-in-law's e-mail was recently hacked into. I knew it was a scam but decided to scam the scammer. We have the entire transcription of the back and forth I had with Mr.   enjoy!!!

Ransom Video

On March 14, 2005, Amy Overton, daughter of Senator David Overton of Idaho was reported missing to the Boise Police Department.  Later that day, a videotape entitled "our demands" was delivered to the Senator's office.  The following is what was on the tape.

Tips for Global Warming

Now that science has conclusively proven that burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gasoline cause global warming, we all must do our part.  Here are some simple tips we can use in the global warming fight:

How to Be Funny

Humor is the lifeblood of human existence.  It is what separates us from animals.  In ancient times, the court jester is indeed looked upon as the highest honor a person could receive from the King.  Here are our tips that can help a person be funny!  Zoink!

Cube Square Law

The cube square law is, of course, a mathematical principle of proportion.  It says essentially that if an object were to increase proportionally in size, the volume of an object would be proportional to the cube of the multiplier, while the surface area would be proportional to the square of the multiplier.

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