The arts and culture are important to the human life because they give us quality of life.  Please read the different articles we have listed below.

Michael Bay doesn

Michael Bay Tribute

He is generally regarded as one of the leading lights in American cinema.  He gives voice to the American ethos, a dangerous revolutionary who threatens to upset the established order of the profit-driven Hollywood movie machine.  Michael Bay doesn't create movies, he creates miracles. 

Sticks & Stones

A collection of fun, odd, and often stupid little comics created by Matt Cranford.

A new wedding

The Main Street Wedding

We go from a wedding circumscribed by tradition, propriety, and modesty to a wedding that is a lively struggle by older, self-focused brides to outdo their friends, exult in their self-importance, and realize their fantasies of matrimonial ecstasy. 

Major Mistake

The Case Against Blue M&Ms

In 1995, the Mars Company ran a promotion allowing the public to vote on a new color of M&M candy.  After a vigorous campaign, blue was victorious.  This has proven to be a disaster.  Blue is not a good color for candy.  We list our reasons.

Mr. Korbes

We all know that fairy tales teach us valuable lessons for our lives.  This is a short film depicting the Brother's Grimm fairy tale Mr. Korbes.  The story revolves around several inanimate objects who band together in order to pay a visit to Mr. Korbes.

Larry:  Yo momma’s so fat, her daguerrotypes require two plates.

The Lincoln / Larry Debates

The 1858 debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas are among the most influential debating sessions that have occurred between political candidates. However, little has been made of the 1857 debates between Abraham Lincoln and Larry Fenton. 

I keep the carving on my mantle as a symbol,

Touch of the Beggar's Hand

A short story about the redemptive power of love. 


While attending film school, I noticed a trend in films among the students.  Shot in black and white, a man would wake up depressed.  Soon, the film, in flashback, revealed that the man had lost someone close to him.  I probably saw this same story eight or nine times.  So, I decided to create my own version.

Glowing with ink-infused confidence:

My Tattoo, a poem

And then a warmth like pins and needles rises from my flesh

The tattoo! A warm blanket of assurance, warmer than hell for its permanence...

The Cake

A short film about friendship.

Comedy Sportz

A short documentary about the Comedy Sportz improv troupe in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Ashton, SC -- Residents of this small town near Charleston are all abuzz about the arrival of GFL, a discount, warehouse-style department store that's popping up near big cities all over America.

What killed the Dinosaurs?  The ICE AGE!!!

The Greatest Non-Michael Bay Movie Ever

While none can match the awesomeness that is Michael Bay, one film comes awfully close.

Here it is

Where is Dover?

Have you ever wondered where Dover is?  Well, we at the wanted to help.

Ryan and Kenny Burning Stuff

When I was in film school, in one of my classes each of the students were given a single topic that they were to get different shots.  For example, one student got animals, another got street signs, another got happy.  I got metamorphosis.  The following video is what I filmed.

If you don

The Don't Talk to Strangers Podcast

Are you better than everyone else? If not, or if so, listen to The Don't Talk to Strangers Podcast featuring Conrad, Beangeaux, T-Bone, and Slow Moe