The following article appeared in the Valentine's Day issue of Man About Town magazine.  With the author's permission, we have reproduced it here in its entirety.

The Main Street Wedding                                             

by Mark DeAngelo

Part 1:  Portrait of a Wedding Day  

Dancehall lights streak over his face and torso, showing his faded black tuxedo with shawl lapels and a real bowtie.  It doesn't quite fit, but I don't think Eddy knows or cares about fit.  Not tonight.

Part 2:  A Different Philosophy  

The idea here is to turn the nuptial finance paradigm on its head.

Part 3:  Conspicuous Consummation

We go from a wedding circumscribed by tradition, propriety, and modesty to a wedding that is a lively struggle by older, self-focused brides to outdo their friends, exult in their self-importance, and realize their fantasies of matrimonial ecstasy. 

Part 4:  Things Get Ugly

Matrimoney, Inc., which underwrites wedding loans to engaged couples--with a hitch.  "We take their marriage certificate itself as security on the loan.  ... If they can't make their monthly payment, they are legally divorced."

Part 5:  Main Street Sense, Wall Street Sensibilities

The main celebration is a combination of the traditional wedding dinner and reception.  There is plenty of food, which is supplied by the guests themselves in potluck fashion.  There is entertainment, provided by friends and family of the bride and groom.  Invariably, there is dancing, whether that be line dancing, ballroom dancing, swing, etc.  Sometimes, there's singing and karaoke."

Part 6:  The Future

Right now, we're only seeing it in the Mountain West, but with the economy being what it is right now, I don't think it'll be too much longer before this goes national.  And with the power of American culture, maybe international."


Mark DeAngelo is a freelance writer/blogger.  He has been featured in such Magazines as Man About Town, Pure Add-renaline, and Hypochondriac's Weekly