Dark and worrisome periods on this earth often produce artists of such tremendous genius that they are overlooked until decades after their death.  Shakespeare arose in a time fearful of the bubonic plague.  Mozart was able to create his masterpieces despite Salieri’s reign of terror.  Even the hippie movement of the 60’s and 70’s brought about George Hamilton. 

Our generation has our own to claim; one of the most internationally acclaimed filmmakers: Michael Bay

His movies are full of gorgeous images and compelling characters.  The deeper levels of his films are a blend of irony and tenderness.  Beside the high level of computer artistry, his films also contain poignant human drama.  He is generally regarded as one of the leading lights in American cinema.  He gives voice to the American ethos, a dangerous revolutionary who threatens to upset the established order of the profit-driven Hollywood movie machine. 

Michael Bay doesn't create movies, he creates miracles. 

Bob Dylan famously said of Woodie Guthrie that by listening to his music, one could learn to live.  Surely, by experiencing the films of Michael Bay, one not only learns to live, but to love.  A lucid analysis of this very subtle, mysterious, and metaphysical artist of film and cinema will bring us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the universe we inhabit.  As our tribute to this modern legend, this page is dedicated to the life, poetry, and art of Michael Bay

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