The Don't Talk to Strangers Podcast

#7 John Travolta Is Pregnant!

The men with hats discuss when news is news.  Did you know that the National Enquirer and TV Guide have won awards?  Beangeaux discusses his idea on how Disney's Pirates of the Carribbean film series can remain profitable.

#6 Portmanteau: Wenus

The men define the difference between a jacuzzi and a hot tub and discuss the purpose of each.  They also discuss when and where it is appropriate to touch someone, like the wenus.  It's not as dirty as it sounds.  Don't believe me?  Look it up in a non-specific search engine.

#5 Your Kisth is on my Lisp, Otis

The men reach a new milestone with 5 podcasts.  Yippee.  In this episode they discuss mistaken lyrics, serial killers, and Mel Gibson when he got beardy. 

#4 DTTS Ruins "The Secret"

The Dynamic Duo and the other two discuss feet webbing.  They also discuss possible names for the Podcast.  We also ruin "The Secret."  Hope you weren't halfway through.

#3 Honey, You Look Downright Awful

How do you respond to the question "how do I look?"  What is insecurity?  Does it mean that you are afraid you're going to be murdered?  Are "your mom jokes" funny?  Are there too many questions in this description? 

#2 Trademark This

The Four Horsemen Conrad, Beangeaux, T-Bone, & Slow Moe discuss copyrights, trademarks, & patent law.  A new method of swinging on a swing is patented, the uselessness of lawyers, dandelion kicking.  Also regular feature "anti-semantic: the grammar nazi"

#1 Music and Hunger

The first podcast by Conrad, Beangeaux, and T-Bone, who discuss the interconnectivity of music, hunger, and homelessness.

#9 What's In a Name?

That which we call Mini Spooners by any other name would taste as sweet.  The importance of names are discussed, the life lessons from the film Pretty Woman are analyzed, and tattoos in a box are considered.

#8 Feet

Conrad talks about an acquaintance of his who hates feet and the prank his co-workers played on her while she was away on vacation.  Other topics are money, castles, cold vs. hot, and ultimately the question "who buys things from the skymall catelogue?"