The Gyroped

There are so many forms of transportation these days: both public and private automobiles, trains, subways, airplanes, motorcycles… The fossil fuel consumption required to power these vehicles may be the most harmful and most obvious use of energy in transportation. However, we must also consider the raw materials required to build these vehicles, as well as the energy expended in their manufacture. A viable solution for personal transportation would ideally be dependent on its user for energy, require few raw materials, and take less time and energy to manufacture.  Here is the prototype for the vehicle we are envisioning:

  • the vehicle consists of two wheels with a frame stretched between them

  • pedals and gears are used to power the rear wheel

  • a steering mechanism is attached to the front wheel

  • The only non-renewable energy required for this vehicle is the acquisition of raw materials and manufacturing.

  • The wheel surfaces could potentially be coated with rubber to add traction on slippery surfaces, although this should not be an issue except in inclement weather.

  • All power to actually use and move the vehicle comes from the user. The gyroscopic motion of the wheels enables the vehicle to remain upright even at high speeds.

  • This device has the ability to be used on pavement, dirt, or cement. Even children will be able to use this method of transportation, as its use is extremely simple.

We envision whole streets filled with Gyropeds – they are great for fun, pleasure, or environmentally friendly transportation.


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