We at theHumanAscent.com have dedicated hours either developing, researching, or reviewing different phases of product development.  Please read the different articles we have listed below.

The Home Liposuction Kit

You’ve probably seen the commercials by now.  “Is regular exercise not working for you?”  “Are you tired of fat jokes made at your expense?!”  Fresh off the success of his Sweet 16 Rhinoplasty, Ben Sperry’s Home Liposuction Kit hit the market last November and has been an instant success.  We interviewed Home Liposuction Kit creator Ben Sperry about his new product.

Deconstructive Advertising

Finally, a product that actually gives you what it is advertising! How many times have you been to the store, picked out a product that had an attractive person on it, and then discovered that the attractive person is missing from the box?

Weir Weir Bacne Blocker

When showering, naturally occuring fats and oils are carried by warm water from the scalp and face and are deposited in open pores on the shoulder and back ... this type of back acne, or bacne, is painful and uncomfortable, unsightly and demoralizing.  We have a solution...

Hunter's Safety

Each year there are hundreds if not billions of deaths related to hunting accidents in the United States alone.  We are living in the 21st century.  Accidental shootings should not occur.  Animals are able to blend in with their natural surroundings, while humans are forced to wear neon orange colored clothing to distinguish themselves from the very animals they are hunting!  This needs to change.

Monkeys, Art, Robots

The highest experiential expressions we have available to us as human beings are the arts.  We need good art now more than ever.   We need it for the sake of our children.  theHumanAscent.com offers this thought experiment.

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